Monday 12 May 2014

May 12 Blog Bomb Link List

What a fantastic response there has been to the #May12BlogBomb !
(Intro post about the Blogbomb here.)

Thank you everyone: writers, readers, sharers and visitors. Your responses have made my day.

Thanks to @Fibromodem on Twitter for image

May 12 Blog Bomb Link List:

My own posts:

Ability for Agility: Why do I use Wheels?

Just ME: Why NOT Exercise?

Guest posts on my Just ME blog:

Just ME: Guest post from Alexi Dinks - MEaning of Life

Just ME: Guest post from Elaine Stammers - My ME Story

Just ME: Guest post from Erin Fromkes - Art in Illness

Just ME: Guest post from Holly - My Daughter and ME

Just ME: Guest post from Penelope - My ME Story

Just ME: Guest post from Rosie - A New Me... My Fibro Life

Just ME: Guest post from Sarah: Capturing the essence

Just ME: Guest post from Wendy Boutilier - ME Awareness

Posts written on independent blogs:

A Life Within an Illness: It's time I 'fessed up...

Allan Dickinson: Another Door Closes.

An Endless Yearning: International CFS/ME and Fibro Awareness Day

Angelsong: M.E. A Day in My Life

A Path Through The Valley: Observations on ME

Artifacts of ME: May 12th for ME Awareness

All About ME:  M.E Awareness Week #may12blogbomb

Being the Imperfect Mom: I'm not just a Survivor

Brainless Blogger: #May12BlogBomb

Carole: May 12th ME Awareness Day

Cheering from the Sidelines: Tethered Butterflies

Chronic Mom: We Were People Too

Chronicles of a Chronic Illness Sufferer: Twas the Night before May 12th

ChurchMag: M.E. Awareness Day 2014 #May12BlogBomb

Cinder Bridge: ME Awareness Day - Free Karina Hansen

Crazy Purple Mama: The Significance of May 12th

CurranKentucky: Letting The Past Go

Dannilion: ME Awareness Day 2014

Dr Courtney Craig: A CFS Story

Elizabeth Turp Counselling and Training: The Impact ME/CFS has on Life

Edward Court: My Story - Living with and Recovering from CFS

Experiment Number One: This is CFS 2014

Fibro & Me: Fibromyalgia Awareness Day  

Fibro & Me: Timeline Project Video Diary

Fibromyalgia... My Own Experience: May 12th Blog Bomb

Freckles & All: About ME

Get Up and Go Guru: This is ME - Guest blog by Katherine (and links #This is ME)

Growing Insights: ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2014 

Healing from CFSME: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME - Photos of my experience

Hayley-Eszti - Life, Love and Fighting ME: M.E awareness day! My story

Hello Kitsune: This is ME - ME/CFS Awareness Week 2014

If I were you I wouldn't start from here: To a first approximation, I'm dead.

Info Freak: About ME

James Cooper: This is ME

Jess' ME/CFS Blog: Why does Awareness Matter? 

Jess' ME/CFS Blog: #This is ME Blog Chain Event

Katherine and M.E. : ME Awareness Day 2014

Kealie Mardell: SeeME: Guest post - We desperately need your help

Kealie Mardell: SeeME: My M.E. Story for May 12 International Awareness 2014

Kelli A Ellis: Thunderclap!! Today is May12th ~ The International Awareness Day ... 

Laura's Pen: A Day in the Life of M.E.

Learning to Live with ME/CFS: International ME/CFS Awareness Day 2014

Life as we know it: My May 12 Blog Bomb

Life with ME whilst Studying: Revising ... Or not as the case may be

Limited Capability: Why does stigma still surround ME?

Living with Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2014, My Update

Mama Chill &M.E: LP - Is It All Spin?

Me and My ME Journey: Reflection - Behind the Mask

Me, Michael and ME: M.E. Awareness Week: #may12blogbomb

Me, Mine and Other Bits: I'm no Florence Nightingale 

Me, Myself and I: Life for a Young Person with ME

Me, Myself and ME: This is ME 

Me, Myself and ME: But This is ME 

Montague Mouse: This is ME Awareness Day 2014

Mrs KP Place: #May12BlogBomb

My Chronic Life Journey:  A letter to my illness

Nonsense from my Sofa: #May12blogbomb “This is the face” of M.E.

No Poster Girl: My Gallery of Dead Possessions

Occupy CFS:  On it or in it?

One Mad Woman and ME: I really can't be bothered any more

Ordinary Miracles:  Three Days in the Life...

Peak Rambler's Ramblings: Bell's Palsy, Flu and Lymes Disease

Project 52: I want to talk about... ME

Pajama Daze: The Uncivil War - confusion and controversy over ME/CFS/Fibro

Real Life Sisyphus - Student Life with CFS/ME: CFS/ME Awareness Day 2014

Sand's Life: My Story

Sarah Amelia Xandria Whining: ME Awareness Day

Sarah at Saje: ME Awareness day 2014: Strength in Unity

Sa Ya Ha: What is ME? ( post in Japanese) 

Sa Ya Ha: We are not alone: It's all about ME (post in English)

Sisty Quilts: All About ME

Sleeping on the Edge of Sleep: International ME/CFS & FM Awareness Day

Slightly Alive: May 12 - My 20 Years with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Smoothie Spoonie: ME Awareness

Spooncast: Today is ME Awareness Day

Take These Broken Wings: He Calls Himself ME

Tanteros: Misattribution

The Huffington Post: Am 12. Mai ist der internationale ME-Tag (post in German)

The Life of the Live, Love, Laugh Girl: ME Awareness - The Origin of Sleeping Beauty

The Life of the Live, Love, Laugh Girl: ME Awareness - What Lies Beneath Snow's Beauty

There's No Such Thing as Perfect: ME Awareness Day

The Other Side of The Stretcher: The Other Side of The Stretcher

The Get Up and Go Guru: My 5 Fave Ways to Connect ...

The ME/CFS Self-help Guru: 10 Things Everyone Should Know about ME/CFS

This is My Life ~ Surviving Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia’s impact on my life

Three Quarters Full: #May12BlogBomb

Tips for ME: May 12 Blog Bomb - Fairy Story of the Truth  

Two Wishes: Life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What Will Happen to ME: M.E. Awareness Day

Wheeling Along 24: Me & My ME

Wishful Thinker 77's Blog: My Struggle with ME/CFS

Wolf Dreams: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - It's an Illess!

Your Jaw Never Gets Tired: The Real Face of CFS ... Reblogged

#ThisisME. Please check out  for more blog posts on #MEawareness.


Thank you to all who participated in the 2014 #May12BlogBomb - I have been both surprised and delighted by the response from bloggers from all corners of the globe.  

Now a last link that was posted by Marie of CurranKentucky - and it made me laugh. CurranKentucky: Bomb Making


  1. What a great response! Here is my post (Although I put it up a week early on my blog..oops)

  2. Fantastic so many great posts, love all these blogs! Nice work Sally!

  3. Here's another one Sally :)

  4. Great stuff. Despite the best of intentions, for some (all too obvious) reason I am not going to be able to read all of these, at least not today.
    Have read a few, and am now going for a long lie-down!

  5. The Uncivil War - confusion and controversy over ME/CFS/Fibro

  6. Hi Sally. Thanks so much for doing this. Will you include my post? Thanks! Lilan
    Blog: Take These Broken Wings
    Post: He Calls Himself ME

  7. Great job Sally! Great response everyone! I now have 15 #ThisIsME posts up & I'm going to keep adding them overtime - have it as an ongoing resource!

    My 2 other blogs today for #May12BlogBomb were:

    Day 12: 31 Days To A Better CFS Life - My 5 Fave Ways To Connect With The Online CFS / ME Community -

    and #ThisIsME Blog Chain - All Post Links - ME / CFS / Fibro Awareness Day 2014 -

    Now it's time for bed! What a day :-)

    Keep Smiling - Louise

  8. Here's my post:

  9. Sally, this is such a success, I think you should label it "First Annual"! It is wonderful to see such a great response. Congratulations and thank you for creating this event. Sadly for me, a nasty M.E. flare is keeping me from composing much more than a comment. I would have loved have seen my post listed above with all the rest. Hats off to all the bloggers who posted and thank you for sharing your M.E. journey. I look forward to reading all the posts as I am able.

  10. Well done, awesome work Sally, working my way through the blogs :) XXX

  11. I have been so busy ADDING all the links, I haven't had much time to give each post the time it deserves.

    I have been totally bowled over by this amazing response. There are so many great posts here. I look forward to taking the time to read them all over the next few days.

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for participating, reading, sharing or cheering the #May12BlogBomb. xx

  12. So excited about this!! Thanks for putting it together
    Here's my post: (it will lead into some other posts on why awareness is so important)

  13. Wow! I look forward to reading them all through ME awareness month! Thank you for putting it all together! Thanks to all the contributors too!

  14. Thank you for working so hard to make others aware of our struggles.

  15. Awareness is key to helping others understand what we go through and also maybe to figure out ways to make us more comfortable and more productive.

    1. I also want to thank you for doing all of this and making others aware.

  16. -- Life as we know it -- it's only 4 PM here, so I still have time on May 12 to get mine up

  17. Wow, this is amazing! The day is almost over, but I just learned of your link-up efforts via Life as We Know It. Can't wait to read everyone's efforts -- depressing, but so important. And here's my post from today:

  18. HIV-Negative AIDS: Is it CFS, GWS, or AIDS? Dear

    - Dr. Lorraine Day on Cptn. Joyce Riley's military show THE POWER HOUR (09/12): "...HIV-Negative AIDS cases falsely reported and treated as CFS cases may be one of the biggest cover-ups we’ve ever seen..."

    - In 1992 (i.e., after Gulf War 1) "...Newsweek made an even more shocking announcement: …CFS patients who had the same immune system deficiencies as the NON-HIV AIDS cases..."

    - Dr. Judy Mikovits stated on In Short Order (11/12) about CFS & Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME): "…consider this as NON HIV AIDS."

    - Neenyah Ostrom's book "America's Biggest Cover-up: 50 More Things...CFS & Its Link To AIDS" cites: "Some CFS Patients May Be Non-HIV AIDS Cases."

    My case goes up through the NIH, CDC, White House, WHO, to the UN. I testified federally in Washington-DC, and am published 26 times on 4 continents.


    Everything about NON HIV AIDS (including my federal testimony) -->

    Or simply google "NON HIV AIDS"

  19. So many posts! Here's mine:

    1. Thank you for this. I had noticed that there wasn't a post about Karina's case, I'm so glad you have filled that gap. Heading off to read what you have said now.

  20. Hi Sally and Bloggers,

    What an amazing response! I was hoping to get something written but I'm not sure if I'll be able to :(

    I need a little help from the blogging community! I'm searching for M.E/Fibro, etc. bloggers who are based in London who might be interested in taking a (free) yoga course and writing about it! Let me know if you know of anybody!