Friday, 8 August 2014

Black Dress Selfie Parade! #2

An earlier post explains where the idea of the Black Dress Selfie for Severe ME came from.

Photos are shared across three blog posts:

 This post shares a second batch of images and includes the images from a few adventurous gentlemen!









And instructions for Black Dress Day if you have Severe ME.


Anna's blog post for #Severe ME


Tammy Louise
Blog post for Severe ME



And just to show that the men are also willing to support Black Dress Day:

Nigel !!

Spencer !!

 Dusan Kranjc, 2CELLOS drummer

Barry !!

Rachel's boyfriend!!

Allan !!

Marc Jungermann - composer

James !!

John !!

Geoff !!

And a another gentleman with a sense of humour:

Greg from Stonebird.

Thank you to my family and all the others who have shared their pictures to raise awareness of:

August 8th - Severe ME Day. 

Other pages:

Images from Black Dress Day are also being posted in a gallery format at:
Dozy Days Blog

After Notes:

Severe ME Awareness Day - 8th August was launched by the 25% ME Support Group. 25% ME Support Group website
 25% ME Support Group - Severe ME Day 2014

To find out more about Sophia Mirza and the tragedy of her death,
see the Invest in ME website:

The Story of Sophia and M.E. 
and watch this video: 

The Death of Sophia Mirza

More information about Severe ME can also be found on the Stonebird website:
Stonebird: The Lived Experience of Severe ME

And I have also written about Severe ME in a previous blog post: 
Living Death Disease??


  1. Well done everyone for raising awareness , you all look wonderful. Guys I admire your style.
    I am with you in spirit but since getting FM I have put on so much weight my little?? black dress doesn't fit any more. lol
    Just wondering did the concept of the Black Dress Selfie move much outside the ME family?

    1. It seems to have spread quite well. One of my daughters was surprised to see it popping up "all over instagram" !! And with 3 pages of images, I can only imagine that some awareness must have leaked out!! (Finger's crossed.)

  2. Well done to and especially the brave gents, sense of humour still in tact despite the rest!

    1. Indeed - there are some brilliant images there. Such fun!

  3. Wonderful. Love, laughter, fun and so much awareness.

    1. Indeed - some humour, but all raising awareness. Let's hope the links get a bit of spin-off traffic.

  4. A huge well done and a massive thank you to you for yet another successful campaign. I hope you're not suffering too much after it