Sunday, 30 April 2017

#May12BlogBomb for 2017

May is awareness month for ME, CFS, Fibro and Lyme.  Over the past few years, I have encouraged bloggers to share their awareness raising blogposts using the hashtag #May12BlogBomb.  

Hashtags like this work on both Facebook and Twitter, because they become hyperlinks to a list of all other posts publicly shared using the same hashtag.  (Indeed searching the #May12BlogBomb tag now should bring up some of the posts shared in previous years.) 

So, if you are writing a blog during the month of May, please use the tag #May12BlogBomb where-ever you publicly mention your post on social media.  Perhaps also consider sharing your post a few additional times on May 12th itself using the same tag.  

This way our "blogbomb" will get coverage throughout May but will also get concentrated coverage on one day: May 12th. 

2017 Link List for #May12BlogBomb:
I will once again collate blogposts written for May Awareness into a link list on Just ME.  If you would like your awareness blogpost included on the 2017 list, please submit your post details here as soon as the the post has been published:

[Edit 3rd May - Apparently the form below only allows one response per person and doesn't work on mobile devices.  Please try this link  as an alternative.] 

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Note: Please don't submit posts already linked in previous years' lists, nor posts promoting a business nor asking for money. The idea is that these posts are written and submitted by patients, carers, and/or families of those affected.

I will collate links through the early part of May, and publish the list as it stands on May 12th.  Additional submissions received during the rest of May will get added later.  (The above submission form runs only to the end of May).

The choice of topic is of course your own, and there are various angles that these awareness posts can take.  Some people have used a series of photos, others have written poems, or contrasted their previously healthy lives with their current health status. There are also posts that have looked at the historical background to our medical treatment, and some that look to the future.  The only suggestion I make is that you make your post friendly to those new to our situation.

If you would like to write a blogpost but don't have your own blog, I am happy publish suitable guest posts on Just ME.  Please email me at  to discuss this option.

Previous #May12BlogBomb Link Lists can be found on these pages:

2016 - 2015 - 2014 

I am delighted that the idea of a "blog bomb" has proved so popular, and hope that the blogs written and shared using the #May12BlogBomb tag will spark greater interest in our situation, and create some public sympathy towards the various campaigns for change.

Thank you to all the bloggers who have participated in this awareness raising event over the past years, and also to all those who will join for their first time this year.

#May12BlogBomb  - the tag to amplify the voice of all May Awareness Bloggers!


Please also check out this post by ME Advocacy: 

Other hashtags worth viewing or using during May include: 

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