Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cards for Karina

Recently Michael Evison added a "Cards for Karina" appeal to various groups on Facebook.

I fully support his campaign and will be sending my Card for Karina to Ketty Hansen, Karina's mother.  I would like to encourage as many others as possible to do the same.

This statement is from Bente Stenfalk, a Danish ME Advocate who is in touch with Karina's parents:

It is Karina Hansen's birthday is on November 7th.
Karina has been moved from the hospital in Hammel and is now being held here: Tagdækkervej 10, 8450 Hammel.
Karina has been placed in a home for people with brain-damage! No one knows why… Karina's parents are still not allowed to visit her and kept kept out of her ‘case’… and Karina Hansen still has a guard, who is not very talkative or helpful.
We all dearly hope that Karina Hansen has not been injured by the treatment she has got in the Hammel Neurocenter.
I Hope you will all send Karina Hansen a card for her birthday. 
A lot of cards will show that she is NOT forgotten, and that she will never be forgotten.
You can either send your card to:
Karina [and Ketty*] Hansen, Tagdækkervej 10, 8450 Hammel, Denmark
or to her parents:
Per og Ketty Hansen, Kløvermarken 8, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark.
Karina's parents will try to give all the cards they get from you, to Karina on the day of her birthday.
So please show Karina Hansen and her parents that they are not forgotten by sending cards for Karina on her birthday on the 7th of November.
Also just as importantly, show the psychiatrists and the politicians that we still remember what they did to a severely ill young ME woman, and that we are a LOT of people, who hope something like this will never ever happen again.
It was illegal and wrong, and the psychiatrists hurt a young woman and her parents unforgivably.
Bente Stenfalk
Michael added his own commentary to this statement.  He says:

My own opinion is that anyone opting to send their cards to the new hospital unit will be wasting their money and energy, as VERY FEW informed people believe that they will give the cards to Karina.
My view is that you are better sending your cards to Karina's parents address in good time for her birthday. That way, Karina's parents will see the out pouring of worldwide support for Karina from PWME on her birthday and every day that Fink is holding Karina against hers and her parents will.
Karina's mother is very touched by your generosity towards Karina and looks forward to seeing the many cards from around the ME world.
Thank you all
For those in the UK. IiME have many cards that they will write and post for you, if you have difficulty dealing with it yourselves in exchange for a donation to the IiME charity.

Let's all get behind this campaign.

PS It might be a nice idea to state where you live as you send your card.  I'm sure international support is welcomed by the family.

*It has been suggested that cards should be addressed to both Ketty and Karina Hansen so that the centre is obliged to let Karina's mother know of their existance.


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