Friday, 18 July 2014

Karina's Story - A Modern Tale of Horror!

What Now?

What happens when a state sanctions the forcible removal of an individual from their family?

Can we trust the state to get this right?

For Karina Hansen in Denmark, it would seem much has gone wrong.

Image by Wendy Boutilier

Of course, we can all understand when a vulnerable person needs to be removed from an abusive situation, but we tend to make the mistake of believing that the state gets this judgement right.

So, when an different story hits the headlines, we assume that only one side of the story is being told.  After all, we say, there must be more hidden behind confidentiality clauses.

With this sort of complacency, how can state sanctioned abuses be highlighted and put right?

In Karina's case, she became severely ill with ME.  Her parents, naturally, helped her by protecting her from the outside world of over-stimulation and stress.  Families world-over do this when one of their own gets ill.  The difference is that most people recover in a few weeks.

Karina did not recover.  Severe ME is like that!

So the state got involved, and Karina was removed from her family on Feb 12th 2013.  She has been undergoing treatment against her wishes at Hammel Neurocenter in Denmark ever since.

It seems a psychiatric diagnosis over rules all other medical diagnoses, and despite the fact Karina is no danger to others, nor to herself, she can be forced to undergo treatment that neither she, nor her family, want for her.

Her parents have been allowed no contact with her.

Reports about her condition are sketchy and there are genuine fears that she has deteriorated significantly.

The psychiatrist in charge of Karina's care, Per Fink, says that she has a Functional Disorder, which means that they believe her condition is psychosomatic.  He does not believe that ME is a real physical illness.

Instead he has placed her on a regime of anti-depressants, Graded Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The centre says she is not being held against her will, but of course she is too weak to walk out, and it seems no-one is allowed to help her leave!!

Second opinions have been sought only from other sympathetic psychiatrists, and offers of help from leading ME specialists have been rejected.  

Legal avenues to secure her release have so far led to nothing, and Karina's parents have exhausted their funds.

So what happens now?

Is Karina to be left, unable to have contact with her family, unable to reject this treatment and in constant suffering amongst people who neither love her, nor take her illness seriously??

A petition has been running for some time to collect support for her release.

It can be signed here:

Dr Stig Gerdes, a Danish doctor, has taken an interest in Karina's case, and has started to challenge the psychiatric treatment of Karina.

A fund has been set up to help with the legal battle that is likely to ensue, and contributions can be sent to Dr Gerdes via Paypal at:

Tragically her case is not isolated.

Psychiatrists, it seems, are fond of imposing their treatments on vulnerable individuals.  The recent case of Justina Pelletier in Boston, USA has many similarities to Karina's case.  Happily a massive campaign has led to Justina's release and I can only hope that the psychiatrists involved her case are thoroughly investigated.

So now Karina needs to have HER story told.  This needs to be talked about widely, and questions need to be asked in high places. To date there has been some media coverage and several blog posts. I have linked a small selection below.

However MUCH more needs to happen to fight this case, because this is not JUST about Karina.

This is now about the whole business of enforced psychiatric care - against patients' and their families' wishes, and against the advice of other medical professionals.

Please talk about Karina's situation widely.  Share this post, or others from the links below, and if you can make a contribution, no matter how small, towards the legal fees of Dr Stig Gerdes then perhaps consider doing so.

The amount needed is estimated to be 100,000 Danish Kroner, that is £10,606 [or $18,145]
On the 11th July the fund stood at £3045 [$5,209].​

Nothing will change if we do nothing.  


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Justice for Karina Hansen Facebook Page

Facebook Page: Finkbusters The Long Walk to Free Karina
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And a little after-word.  I wrote this poem last year as I thought about my own situation in comparison to Karina's.  The photo behind the words is a 5am sunrise over the West of Ireland. 

Click on image to view larger version

Please help however you can.

PS I am not directly involved with this fund, but have contributed to it and believe the case important enough that I want to share it widely. Perhaps you will feel this way too.


  1. Another very thought provoking blog Sally. It is unbelievable and shocking to know that such things can be happening in this day and age, yet sadly true.
    One thing could change and stop such situations from ever happening again and that is the diagnostic tests we all strive for.
    How unjust is it that to add to our suffering and great distress that we have to use the severely limited energy and determination we have to PROVE we are physically ill. How unjust that we have no other choice than to pay for research?
    Money is of no use as we are simply too sick to spend it on things which healthy people take for granted and yet, in today's world, the fact is, there isn't much that money can't buy.

    My personal feelings now are that I no longer resent the illness, I now accept the fact that this life of daily suffering is the cards I have been dealt but I CANNOT accept the indifference and blatant unwillingness of the medical profession to acknowledge our suffering.

    This very different life and future than I could ever have envisaged is even harder to bear when I read stories of children being brutally abused by psychiatrists who are determined to try to prove they are right! No self doubt, no 'what ifs,' no dialogue with medical experts who could show them evidence of physical disease. Why? There has to be more than egotistic opinions at play or is it really all about money and power?
    My purpose in life now is to get answers to my questions. I will send what I can to help Karina.

    1. Indeed Joan - something strange must be going on...

  2. Wendy Boutilier
    Excellent and thank you for bringing awareness for Karina

    1. And thank you for the amazing artwork that is at the top of this post. A hauntingly beautiful image....

  3. Excellent summary of the situation. I hope it makes a difference for Karina.

    1. Indeed Tanya, it is incredible to me that no progress is being made.

  4. I have signed the petition with a short note attached. Thanks for sharing this tragic story. It is truly scary what can happen to an innocent person. Why isn't this being investigated by the Danish courts?

    1. It seems there is a state guardian appointed in place of Karina's parents. As you say a scary situation. Hopefully something will change soon - in the meantime we can each do what we can to help. Thank you.

  5. I would have expected better of liberal Denmark. Anne in Ireland.

    1. Indeed, and that is what makes it all the more shocking. Or perhaps that is what allows them to get away with this?