Thursday, 5 May 2016

Preparing to "Princess" for Team Princess Hope (Updated with picture)

Over the past couple of years I have watched the "Team Princess" group dress up in costumes ranging from the most elegant to the most outlandish, and I have quietly nurtured the notion that I should someday join them.

And so this year is it! 

Last year Team Princess made a big effort to raise funds for as many UK based ME charities as possible.

This year they will also have a Northern Irish charity on their list, because I have finally taken the plunge, bought my tiara (check it out), and promised to become a "Princess" for Hope 4 ME & Fibro Northern Ireland!

I'm hoping a few other "Hope" friends will join the silliness.

The idea is simple.  Dress up in some "Princess" kit between now and 12th May. Take a photo of yourself in your new found royal glory.

Then share your photo on social media along with the hashtag #TeamPrincess and a link to the all important BT Donate site for Hope 4 ME & Fibro NI.  The more the merrier!

Of course if you don't want to dress up, you could perhaps just donate to the Team Princess Hope page instead.  :)

Watch out because sometime in the next few days I think my blood may just turn blue for a day.


Facebook page of The Princesses and ME:

More info about the Team Princess project :

And just so you don't forget - the link to our "Hope" donation page:


So here it is - me putting on airs and graces for the day!  


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  1. Awww you make a beautiful princess!

    Lennae xxx