Thursday 12 May 2016

#May12BlogBomb Link List for 2016

Thank you to everyone who has submitted May 12th Awareness posts to #May12BlogBomb for 2016.  

Please use the #May12BlogBomb tag on social media when you share this list and blogposts from the list.

I will be accepting and collating posts during the day, and up to 5pm latest, so if you are a blogger with a post you have written that you would like to be included, please visit this post to complete the submission form .

My Awareness Posts:

Just ME: Disposable Energy?

Just ME: Some Days - All Days

Just ME: Preparing to "Princess" for Team Princess Hope (Updated)

Guest Posts on Just ME:

Just ME: Guest post from HellytheElephant - The Spoons Don't Work. . .

Just ME: Guest post by MerelyExisting is ME: I wish . . .

Just ME: Guest post from Sarah-Louise: A hashtag has just made me cry

Posts on Independent Blogs: 

A Life Less Physical: Your fibromyalgia toolkit

Alan's Album Archives: 'ME/CFS Awareness Week At Alan's Album Archives'

Artifacts of ME: What Happened with that MS Diagnosis Anyway?

Brainless Blogger: #May12BlogBomb Work compramises A Different Kind of Tired

Chronic Fatigue & Me: 1 Week About ME

Chronic Mom: 3 things to remember during a fibro flare

Fed Up with Fatigue: What I wish others knew about fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

Fibrodaze: International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Online Events

Fibro Warriors ~ Living Life: Why is May 12th International CFS and Fibromyalgia Awareness Day?

Grieving for me because of M.E.: Today is ME Awareness Day…..

Gwenfar's Garden: Garden visiting with ME

Jan's Place: What do we want? From a person with M.E.

Just A Spoonful Podcast: May The 12th Be With You

LENNAE'S WORLD: ME Awareness, Symptoms with ME

Katie Cupcake Life With ME: Knowing your limits does not make you negative!  

Laura's Pen: The M.E. Adventures comic: energy and exertion

LavenderDojo: Thyroid-immune interactions; rT3 and TGF-beta1

liebjabberings: ME/CFS: Writer’s personal and professional inextricably entangled

Lightening the Shadow: Seven Years May Be a Turning Point

Little Wings: Living with M.E. is like having to re-invent yourself everyday

ME/CFS Self-Help Guru: What I want you to understand about ME/CFS for May12th International Awareness Day

ME Australia: ME and CFS Awareness Week: 11 - 17 May

MEcuperating: Living with ME

Melanie Schickedanz on Huffington Post Blog: Am 12. Mai ist der internationale ME-Tag

ME Support: The Power of Creativity

motherinlawsblog: Don't roll your eyes at ME!

My Spoonie Life: Why the public opinion of M.E. needs to change

Sarah at Saje: Isolation and ME

Slightly Alive: For May 12, 2016: ME is not a "mysterious" disease.

Spoonseeker: Out of the Blue

Sue Stevenson: The Slow Rise

The Get Up and Go Guru: Never Give Up! – ME / CFS International Awareness Day 2016

The Person Who Disappeared: What is ME? A special post for ME awareness week

Trishrhymes: ME and me

Undies on the Outside: Behind the Undies on the Outside Challenge

Utting-Wolff Spouts: 12th May, how I dread this day, or: Awareness and compassion fatigue

Verbena Days: Imagine ME


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  1. There was no energy this past week to join your post in a timely manner. But I pushed myself today (and will now go crash). I'll read many of these later.

    Just wanted to add that I STILL believe mightily in the power of FICTION to get through the intractable wall around the human heart, and I'm doing that.

    1. YES Alicia. Fiction is a wonderful escape. At one point I found I couldn't read novels any more, and I felt bereft... luckily I discovered audio books and I love them. Actually I could probably read novels again now as I've had some improvement lately, but I've got hooked on audio books. I'll take a look at your link now. :)

    2. Alicia - sorry for not tending to this sooner. I set the 5pm deadline on May 12th as I was going to be mostly out of internet range for a few days. I'm just getting back to this now and have added your post to the list. Sorry it is a bit late. xx

    3. You have nothing to apologize for! I didn't meet a reasonable deadline - it happens, and it's fine.

      But I wasn't using fiction as a distraction, I wrote Pride's Children to show a woman living with CFS - and still having the same wants, needs, and loves as a 'normal' woman, except that she has herself to battle as well, not wanting to bestow her illness on one who is younger and healthy.

      The education is buried deep in the entertainment; most people will not see that I'm trying to get past their defenses to show how CFS has shaped Kary as well as made her wiser and MORE valuable. That you get by reading.

  2. Wow, what a great effort! Thanks for going to all this trouble Sally, I'm slowly making my way through the list of blog posts.

    Lennae xxx

    1. Thanks Lennae - So many voices. Such a great response from the blogging community yet again. :)