Tuesday 19 April 2016

#May12BlogBomb - Please submit your links here.

May 12th Awareness Day is fast approaching, and #May12BlogBomb is back again by popular demand!

This is a chance to use your blog to say something that you think is important about one of the chronic illnesses that share May 12th Awareness Day.

Just ME is primarily an ME blog (obviously), but fibromyalgia, MCS, Lyme and CFS posts are all very much welcomed for #May12BlogBomb.

A bit of history....
I first created the #May12BlogBomb tag in 2014 with the idea of making all blog posts for May 12 Awareness Day identifiable wherever they were shared on social media.

I let people know that I would search the internet, find the links that had been shared using this  #May12BlogBomb tag and that I would collate all the posts in a link list on my blog Just ME.  

I expected about a dozen links, but the idea took off a bit more than that!

As it turned out, trawling the internet for the links proved to be quite a task, and at the end of last year I was unsure if I could manage it another year.

So this year, to make things easier for myself, I'm asking you to submit the links for your awareness posts into the submission form below.  (Apparently this form will only work on a laptop or desktop computer - sorry - so as an alternative you can also send your link to me at keelatoo@live.co.uk)

Create your own user feedback survey .

 Perhaps if you don't have a blog, and have something to say, then consider writing a guest post on Just ME or another blog.  (You can contact me on keelatoo@live.co.uk)

Please watch out for the new #May12BlogBomb Link List for 2016.  I will schedule it to appear at 11am UK time on May 12th 2016, and will add new links at intervals through the day.

So what will you say this year?


Previous Link Lists can be found here:

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May 12 Blog Bomb Link List  (2014)


  1. I hadn't heard of the May 12 Blog Bomb before this post! Going to have to look into it and see about joining up!

    1. That's great Brittany. I've found lots of good blogs to read this way. :)

  2. I would like to join the blog bomb. My URL is http://fmsenews.blogspot.co.uk/ I am mentioning May 12th each week as a lead up. I couldn't see another place to join in so hope this is OK.

    1. Delighted you are keen to join. When you have a link for the post you choose to put out for 12th May, if you could add it to the Survey Monkey form in the post that would be great. Or add the link in a comment if that doesn't work for some reason. :)

  3. I have an article I wrote about Dysautonomia in my blog. Does it have to be a new post on May 12th or can I submit one that I wrote earlier?

    1. I think so long as it is not a repeat of a post on the list last year, and you are sharing it on social media this year for awareness, then I'm not too worried if it is published exactly on 12th May. I think the idea is to collate the blogs for others to easily find. So YES please do submit your link. :)

  4. Hi Sally, thanks for organising this again! I joined in last year and hope to start my post today for this year. Is there a theme this time around? Xx

    1. Last year although I suggested a theme, most people had something in mind to write about. So this year... I'm leaving it up to each writer. :)

      Looking forward to reading yours, and thanks for your contributions.

  5. Thank you so much for doing this. It's a really great idea.

    I tried submitting my details on my tablet and it submitted it and gave me the thank you screen. Do you think it worked in that case, or should I haul my arse to the computer?

  6. Great to see you doing this again this year. Here's our submission

    Take care