Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Young People Today! & Raising Funds for ME

Having an illness like ME, (that is disregarded by so many) I find it extra poignant when a young person stands up and volunteers to raise funds.  The two stories below capture something special about how families support one another: and that brightens my whole day!

Let me introduce you to two the amazing young ladies that I recently "met" in cyberspace:
Amber Blackmore and Keisha Mawer.  


Amber is 19 and is going to do a Skydive on 21st June 2014 from 15,000 feet - that's the highest you can jump without needing extra oxygen!!  And Amber has never done a parachute jump before!

Amber's mother is fairly severely affected by ME, and Amber says that she is, "hoping this will help get some more donations, so that we can find a cure for M.E."

There are to be 260 jumpers with SkyDive UK on that day, and it is also going to be a World Record Attempt - The current record is 251 skydivers during daylight hours. So every jumper matters!

Amber has set up a Just Giving Page here:

And also has a Facebook Page set up to keep everybody updated. Amber's Charity Skydive for ME Research UK

I'm sure she would be glad of a few more "likes" to help raise awareness for her brave leap for ME!  Go Amber!


Keisha's family have also been affected by ME: both her younger sisters have ME and this has affected Keisha greatly.   So to raise funds for more research, Keisha, aged 17, is going to do two very brave things: 

On 9th May, she is going to cut off her dreadlocks, and for the duration of ME Awareness Week, she is going to dye what is left of her hair BLUE! 

Keisha explains in her blog just how much of a scary thing this is for her, because her dreads are part of her personality.  wanderlust & angel dust: personal M.E. fundraiser // scariest thing ever

Her Just Giving page is here:

And her mum has written a post on the Let's Do it for ME blog about her daughter's gesture: Keisha Mawer is going to chop off her dreads for Invest in ME  Worth a read.

Anyway, I'm fifty, greying a bit and I'd still find it mighty tough to make a gesture like this! Although perhaps if I'm honest it would be the BLUE bit I'd find hardest! I imagine that's not the case for Keisha.  

Whatever, I think this is an amazing act of devotion made by Keisha to her younger sisters. I wish her every success with her fundraising. Go Keisha!

Edited on 4th May to add a link to details of Keisha's Dreadlock removal session: Linky


I know there are many more people doing amazing things now to raise funds for ME research, but the actions of these two brave young ladies came to my attention within the space of a few days and so I couldn't resist giving them both some publicity.  

I hope that you, like me, might also consider sponsoring them.....

Young people today really are amazing!  Go Amber!  Go Keisha!



  1. Thank you Sally for sharing this blog and also for supporting and sharing Keisha and Ambers fund-raising ventures xx

    1. You're welcome - as a mother you must be so proud. I can almost feel it for you! LOL xx

  2. Thank you Sally for all your kind words and sharing this blog. I am very proud of My Daughter she always amazes me with her bravery, I know people who know her would never expect her to even think of jumping out of a plane, let alone at 15,000ft. I am so pleased that she is getting more support for her very very brave attempt in raising more funds for M.E Research UK. She wanted people to take M.E more seriously, that is why she chose to do this Skydive in an attempt to break a World record, She is also hoping by doing this skydive it will attract more attention so she can spread Awareness about M.E . She is my little Angel xx

    1. Indeed Sally Anne you have every right to be very proud. My own daughters (and their school friends) did the Belfast Marathon relay last year to raise funds for ME and it is such a lovely feeling to know that family care enough to step up and DO something. In Amber's case, literally leaping into the unknown for you and all of us suffering like you. Actually it has given me quite a buzz to see just how much both Amber and Keisha care.... We are all lucky to have such individuals in our lives. xx

  3. Good luck to Keisha having her lovely hair cut off and then Dying her head blue for M.E. Research. Her little sisters must be very proud to have such a caring big sister, Good luck with your fund raising. xx

    Wow that is amazing Sally, your girls must be very fit.

    It is very moving when loved ones and other people give up their time and energy to help give us Support.

    Amber dose so much for me already and yet she is going that extra mile to do more. I feel sad that ME. patients are left to continuously spread awareness and our children make such huge efforts to try to help find out more about this illness.

    It has a huge impact on their lives when a parent is so ill and little is known about the Condition. a

    Take care x