Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Nominations for the First ME CFS FMS Blog Awards

After much mulling over this whole idea, this post finally sends out the first ME & CFS & FMS Blog Awards.  Their aim?  To reward diligent bloggers, and to help us all to seek out new and interesting blogs.  (More details below my nominations.)

Choosing the first blogs to send this award to was incredibly difficult - not least because I'm useless at bookmarking blogs I like!  So the 5 blogs I've chosen today are just a start... I'll use the excuse that I need to pace myself!!

So, I've kept back some amazing blogs (in my newly created list) for future nomination.  The blogs below are in no particular order....

My Nominations are:

Let's Do it For ME Blog: 

The team at "Let's Do it for ME" have been fundraising for the charity Invest in ME and writing about the many different initiatives taken for the cause.  The blog has been running since 2011 and this post describes their campaign.  Amazing work, from amazing people for an amazing charity! 

Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind:

First off, I just LOVE the name of this blog!  However if you take a read here, you will see the writings of some-one dedicated to furthering the cause of the downtrodden, and in particular those with Fibro.  I thought this post written for Fibro Awareness Day last year was particularly good.  She both describes living with Fibro, and some of the science behind current understanding of Fibro.

Barry's M.E. Blog: 

This is a very new, but perceptive blog written by a young man suffering with ME.  This post on Deteriorating Friendships is likely to resonate with many ME and Fibro patients.  And it's not just this post, throughout his blog Barry shows clear insight into what it is like to live with a disabling illness like ME, at a time when the world just expects us all to keep going.

Crazy Purple Mama Blogspot:

 Well who wouldn't warm to the name of this blog?  And the warmth of the name is further reflected in the writing.  Here you'll find a mother coping with two daughters diagnosed with ME.  Yet the blog has an upbeat and quirky feel, that I can readily relate to.  Tanya writes a poignant post here about When it All Changed.  I think we all have a photo like the one featured here....

But You Don't Look Sick:

This well established Fibro blog is packed full of sound advice and stories of life with Fibro.  I think her post, here, about coping with the inevitable flare-ups that come with an illness like Fibro, is very perceptive and probably should be recommended reading for new sufferers. There is also a call to action for all Fibro and ME patients - take a read here.



Awarded by bloggers, to other bloggers, to acknowledge outstanding endeavour in promoting awareness of Myalgic Enchephalomylitis (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  and/or Fibromyalgia (FMS).

The blogs receiving the awards do not need to be dedicated solely to ME, CFS or FMS, but they should contain at least one post that has helped to increase awareness.

It is hoped that these Awards will increase blog readerships and also encourage networking between ME & CFS & FMS bloggers themselves.  No matter the title of our diagnosis, patients of these conditions all suffer from a frustrating state of health that is poorly recognised by most of society.


1,   On receiving the ME & CFS & FMS BLOGGER AWARD, you should be directed to a post that describes why you (and others) have been given this award.  The page will also include this set of instructions and the two award images.

2. Please note, you do not need accept the award.  The aim of the awards is about recognition and a bit of fun, NOT extra work! Please do not feel pressured to participate.

3. To claim your award:

a) Create a new post on your blog, in which you thank the individual who gave you the award  (remember to include a link back to their blog).  You can then copy the images to your blog post and/or side bar as you wish.

You may need to click on the image and download it, before putting it into your own post.

Below is the code for adding the small image as a link in your blog side bar if you wish to do so:

<a href="
" target="blank">
<img src=""/>

b) List three to ten blogs that you would like to recommend, giving a brief description of why you think each one is special.  A couple of lines is fine, but be sure to include a link to each blog you name (or specific page if you prefer) so that others are encouraged to visit.

c) Copy and paste these instructions into your post. Copy from the first *** above, to the last *** below to ensure that every thing is included. (Add the images separately if they don't copy automatically. Control-Shift-V also removes crazy formatting during pasting if that is a problem. ;) )

d) Alert your chosen blog owners to their awards by making a comment on the most recent post of their blogs.  The comment could simply read:
"Congratulations, I have nominated your blog to receive an ME & CFS & FMS BLOGGER AWARD.  Please visit <insert link to the post you have just created> to collect your Award"

3. Hopefully these awards will spread far and wide.  I would love to keep track of where the awards end up, so I would be very grateful if participants would also copy their list of awards into a comment beneath this post:
I hope that collecting all the recommendations in one place will help each of us to find and explore new blogs.





  1. What a wonderful idea Sally :)
    *clears throat* On behalf of my girls and all other sufferers of Invisible Illnesses I humbly accept this award with deep gratitude to all who read my blog and share their own experiences in a bid to raise awareness and understanding.
    I will now look start to blog this forwards and share the news.
    Thank you once again Sally, genius idea xx

    1. He He! The crafting world are great with their blog awards - I thought we deserved a bit of fun too. Well done!! :D Looking forward to reading your choices.

  2. Apologies for the two deleted comments - been having link errors - not sure if I can get them to work in the comment box and so shall make do with just listing them instead....

    My Nominations are:
    Diary of a Part Time Person:
    Jet came to my attention after my daughter received a wonderful letter to lift her spirits via a fabulous facebook group called the The Tribe Of Hope (To support Severe ME Sufferers), after that we became facebook friends and I have found myself constantly surprised and inspired by everything Jet does. From head shaving, Walking for ME, blogging to raise awareness and being a fabulous pen pal to severe sufferers without asking for anything in return and all the while suffering too. Hats off - full of admiration - check out Jets latest ME and Resting

    Mama Chill and ME
    The fabulous Mama Chill is a sufferer of ME and Fibro who not only writes heart warming, humorous and honest blogs about her life with these illnesses in order to raise awareness but is also crazily multi-talented, not only has she written two songs to raise funds for Invest in ME - ME Awareness singles/videos but has also gone further and designed a range of merchandise to also raise funds for Invest in ME ME awareness merchandise (I have a Running on Empty Hoody and it is fantastic quality, warm, cosy and just brilliant!)
    Gone in a Flash
    This is a new blog by a young 15 year old ME sufferer who writes when she is well enough and posts about her life, including her feelings and experiences living with ME, anxiety and depression in these two posts; Life Sucks Sometimes & Anxiety. She is also my daughter and I know she feels that she isn't able to make any impact on peoples perceptions of ME sufferers but in actual fact she does and has. I am hoping receiving this award will help her to realise this. She is currently working on a video, along with her sister (who also has ME) about how the illness affects the lives of teenager sufferers to release during Mays ME Awareness Week. All I can say is I am immensely proud of her!

    M.E. myself and I:
    As a parent of children with ME this blog really captures me - it is beautifully written, expressive and honest. Anna started the blog in October 2012 to help her family understand her illness and to offload how she felt. I feel she most definitely qualifies for this award for raising awareness and the reality of living with this illness. This particular blog really grabbed me, as it is a sentiment echoed by my daughters The Fear.

    and my final nomination for this award is

    My A-Z of M.E.
    This blog is full of useful information and wonderful poetry. Ros Lemarchand has written a book called called `My A-Z of M.E.` (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) to raise awareness which can be bought from Amazon (with donations from purchase going to Invest in ME), the links of how to purchase it can be found here Purchase information I shall use a direct quote which sums up this blog "Through my poems I want to increase the level of understanding and to help others to feel less alone with this illness."A wonderfully inspiring woman, thank you French femme.

    1. I think you're right the links don't work in comments....Ah well... good ole cut and paste will have to suffice. :D

  3. Thank you so much with so many good bloggers out there I wasnt expecting this... I will get to my nominations as soon as I can get my dead computer workibg thanks again great idea...Dxxx

  4. - here's my nominations :)

  5. Sally before I do anything could you tell me if it`s possible for a blog to have more than one award? For example Tanya has already nominated a blog that I would include. This is a good idea but need this clearing up before taking part. Thanks

    1. Good point. I think the idea is to spread the concept. So better to give to blogs not already mentioned. Nothing to stop you highlighting blogs you are delighted to see have already won an award. In my view part of the idea is to help folk who find one site to find others. My sewing blog gained loads of followers when I was sent an award - and this was really what set me thinking about the idea and how ME CFS FMS bloggers needed an excuse to network in a similar manner. ;)

  6. Hi such a great idea I was nominated by

    here are my nominations:

    Cosmos and Cotton - First up we have the lovely Hannapats blog, which is a joy to read, such a positive and fun place to escape to, it's really an inspiration as to how much can be achieved even when you are battling this terrible illness. Plus there are lots of tips and healthy recipes.

    Decimawho-I decided to nominate this blog as though it's not strictly a ME/CFS/FMS blog, it's a great resource for those ME'er like myself who suddenly find they are lost in the confusing and sometimes scary world of Lyme disease, just trying to get a diagnosis and some help. So hopefully Decima won't mind me nominating her blog for a ME/CFS/FMS award as a lots of Lyme patients seem to have a prior diagnosis of ME or CFS. The blog is a very witty, funny and sometimes heart wrenching read, she tells it like it really is in her posts.

    Lindy Laine Crafts - What can I say about Lindy and her lovely bears, it amazes me that even though struggling with Fibromyalgia she creates so many wonderful things from jewellery to photographs and not forgetting her teeny tiny bears who are pint size perfection. She's such a great support to so many suffers of chronic illness running a local support group too.

    Sweetpea Family- This is a fabulous crafty blog, full of yarny goodness and yummy baking, it's amazing how many of us with these chronic illnesses seem to discover a creative side. Sue's blog is a wonderful place to visit and it always cheers me up, seeing what she's been up. I think that is important and shows that despite low energy levels you can still achieve so much and be creative.

    heres the link to my nomination post

    Clare x

  7. Just a heads up, I couldn't get to this post through the link provided in the rules!

    My nominations are:
    In her blog Hayley shares her experience of having M.E and the troubles it brings. It also provides an insight into her life and some tips for positivity among other things.

    Well what can I say about Anna's blog? It provides an insight to the life of someone with M.E. and she is truly an inspiration to me. Anna and her friend came up with what is fast becoming my weekly highlight: Chipper Tuesday (See her post here) A day where those with chronic illness are invited to wear something they don't usually wear...something which gives you a sense of normality.

    This lovely lady gives an insight into being a Mummy while having ME. She invites guest bloggers too - from Daddys. For me it provides a helpful look at how it's possible to be a parent and be ill. Gives me hope that perhaps one day I'll have kids and be able to manage!

    Charlotte's latest posts of poems really describe living with ME and also provide positivity. I love reading through them; especially on days when it feels like ME has won.

    Mary is relatively new to the blogging world but her posts offer tips to try and make life easier as well as descriptions of her experiences, of which many of us can relate to.

    Like I say in my post there are many more I read that deserve nominating but I haven't the energy to do any more at the moment.
    Clare x

    1. Cheers Clare. I wonder if a full stop on the end of the link has broken it? I saw your post via Twitter & then went to use the link in your post to go back to my blog... and noticed the broken link. Full stop seemed the only difference. ^shrug^ ??

      Thanks for participating!