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Another 5 ME CFS FMS Blog Awards

I hope to give this initiative a little bit of momentum with a few more ME CFS FMS Blog Awards.  Yesterday, I concentrated on blogs in the UK (or at least that is where I think they are located) and so some of today's nominations are going further afield.

Today's Blog Nominations:

Occupy CFS:

This was probably the first ME/CFS blog that I found, and what a gem of a blog it is too!  Jennie is very knowledgeable about both this illness and the politics surrounding how our illness is treated. However it was her extensive posting on the use of a heart rate monitor that captivated my attention and so I highly recommend this post series in particular. 

Around with the Hound          &           Documenting ME:  &

I couldn't resist Around with the Hound.  Partly because I love dogs, and used to own a greyhound, but also because I'm fascinated by the versatility of service dogs.  Yet Dee Dee is so much more than just a service dog, and the relationship between this dog and her human really leaps out of the blog's pages. Just take a glimpse of the posts in the archive and spend an easy hour or two reading! I can't mention this blog however without also including this recent thoughtful post from Brooke's sister blog Documenting ME: Hope and Facing Reality.  Two great blogs.

The ME Mum's Confessions:

This is a blog by a group of Norwegian mums who are posting about their experiences with getting treatment for their children with ME.  They have launched something of a crusade to get the situation noticed and many of their posts have been translated from Norwegian into English in order to get wider coverage. This post describes one mother's dealings with the authorities.

Counting My Spoons:

I like the diversity of this blog - from eating-out Gluten-Free to "Fibro Warrior Wednesday" guest posts.  This well established blog is well worth looking through.  I found an excellent post called "What's Fibromyalgia Feel Like?" that I think many Fibro sufferers will easily relate to - and despite the honesty some of the analogies will give you a giggle.  Third one in: It's like some-one vacuumed me!

Cranky Fibro Girl:

This is another blog where even the "Home" page has me gently chuckling.  There is something very healthy at being able to laugh at oneself, and there is plenty of humour here.  I found the blog by following a link, but as  you are welcomed there is a suspicion, from Cranky Fibro Girl, that - "my mom asked you to stop by as a personal favor to her".  Check out the About tab while you are there, and also this post on Doctors!  

So that is my round up of blogs.  I hope you enjoy them, and are tempted to visit a few new blogs as a result.  Congratulations to these wonderful Blog Award Winners.  I hope you will take pleasure in passing the Award forwards - but I fully understand if it's all too much hassle.  ;) 

The instructions are below:



Awarded by bloggers, to other bloggers, to acknowledge outstanding endeavour in promoting awareness of Myalgic Enchephalomylitis (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  and/or Fibromyalgia (FMS).

The blogs receiving the awards do not need to be dedicated solely to ME, CFS or FMS, but they should contain at least one post that has helped to increase awareness.

It is hoped that these Awards will increase blog readerships and also encourage networking between ME & CFS & FMS bloggers themselves.  No matter the title of our diagnosis, patients of these conditions all suffer from a frustrating state of health that is poorly recognised by most of society.


1,   On receiving the ME & CFS & FMS BLOGGER AWARD, you should be directed to a post that describes why you (and others) have been given this award.  The page will also include this set of instructions and the two award images.

2. Please note, you do not need accept the award.  The aim of the awards is about recognition and a bit of fun, NOT extra work! Please do not feel pressured to participate.

3. To claim your award:

a) Create a new post on your blog, in which you thank the individual who gave you the award  (remember to include a link back to their blog).  You can then copy the images to your blog post and/or side bar as you wish.

You may need to click on the image and download it, before putting it into your own post.

Below is the code for adding the small image as a link in your blog side bar if you wish to do so:

<a href="
" target="blank">
<img src=""/>

b) List three to ten blogs that you would like to recommend, giving a brief description of why you think each one is special.  A couple of lines is fine, but be sure to include a link to each blog you name (or specific page if you prefer) so that others are encouraged to visit.

c) Copy and paste these instructions into your post. Copy from the first *** above, to the last *** below to ensure that every thing is included. (Add the images separately if they don't copy automatically. Control-Shift-V also removes crazy formatting during pasting if that is a problem. ;) )

d) Alert your chosen blog owners to their awards by making a comment on the most recent post of their blogs.  The comment could simply read:
"Congratulations, I have nominated your blog to receive an ME & CFS & FMS BLOGGER AWARD.  Please visit <insert link to the post you have just created> to collect your Award"

3. Hopefully these awards will spread far and wide.  I would love to keep track of where the awards end up, so I would be very grateful if participants would also copy their list of awards into a comment beneath this post:
I hope that collecting all the recommendations in one place will help each of us to find and explore new blogs.




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