Friday 15 May 2015

Guest Post from Holly - Thanks & Thoughts on "Brave"!

Holly first wrote this as a comment beneath the links for this year's May12BlogBomb.  With her permission I have shared her comment as a guest blog: 

Thank you for putting all of this together! 

Thank you to each person who wrote a blog! 

I shared this on my page today and I wanted to pass it along to all these brave warriors who are participating today!

"Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is"

Those words from the song "brave" make me think of the amazing people battling ME. They show me how big their brave is all the time. This community of people inspires me to have courage and speak up. Many people I am familiar with from their online work: the blogs, social media, and online forums that serve as the gathering place for a community of people unable to physically gather together. Others I have come to know well and am lucky to call them my friend. I wish you could know these people and hear their stories. I just think once that happens there is no way we as a society can not take action in the fight against this serious, debilitating illness. Some severely affected by this illness, bravely and painfully type out one letter at a time slowly over days from their beds to write a few sentences to spread awareness and implore others to support much needed research. Many sacrifice precious energy and time to advocate for others. They write government officials, organize events, maintain blogs, and raise funds. I see kindnesses every day in this community. I have certainly been the recipient of many kindnesses and these kindnesses are from people that are in the midst of the fight of their life. Yet, they take time to encourage one another and speak up for one another. It feels like the bond between soldiers fighting the same enemy. We fight for one another. We truly live out the "no man left behind." I am honored to be allowed to participate in this community.

For those battling this illness: I want to take a moment to thank each person that has touched my life in some way. I am proud of your efforts! I see your struggle. I acknowledge your pain but mostly I see the lovely human being that you are. I see you! Yes, this illness is an overwhelming force in your life. However, you as a person have chosen to be an overwhelming force for good in this community. Thank you!

For our allies: Thank you so much for taking time to learn about the illness. It really does mean the world to us when people take time to try and understand. Please help magnify our voice. We have so much to say but sometimes we need healthy allies to be seen out in the world. Many of us are unable to go to meetings, stage protests, show up in the halls of Congress, run a race, pass out fliers, etc. We have some amazing individuals who have pulled off these feats but we need more! A good start is to share a story you have read, a graphic that hit home, a video that opened your eyes. Help others to see us and to hear us. Help us show the world how big our brave is!

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Thank you Holly for this lovely comment. xx

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