Tuesday 1 December 2015


ME Awareness Posts:
Why? Just Why? May 2017
Who is responsible? August 2016
Chronic Illness & "determination to recover" July 2016
ME Mortality June 2016
Some Days - All Days? April 2016
Well Enough to Drink Coffee? May 2015
10 Things ME Patients Need NOW! March 2015
Living Death Disease?? Aug 2014
ME Awareness - Why NOT Exercise? May 2014
ME - A "Controversial" Illness!  Dec 2013

Thoughts on "Exercise" and ME:
GET out! Feb 2017
Graded Exercise Therapy? No Thank You! Sept 2015
The Exercise Catch 22! Jul 2014
ME Awareness - Why NOT Exercise? May 2014
The Dilemmas of Exercise and M.E.  Dec 2013

General Pacing Posts:
Disposable Energy May 2016
"Play-Up & Lay-Up" not "Boom & Bust" Sept 2014
Circles of Influence & ME Aug 2015
Do you STOP soon enough? March 2015
POST Emptive Rest June 2015

Heart Rate Monitoring Posts:
Heart Rate Monitoring: Numbers Dec 2015
Starting Heart Rate Monitoring for ME Dec 2015
Heart Rate Monitoring & NICE Guideline for ME Nov 2015
Rhythm+ and Endomondo: HR monitoring for ME Aug 2014
A few notes on using a HR Monitor for Pacing Feb 2014

Fitbit and Step Counting Posts:
Monitoring ME: Fitbit Sept 2014
Pacing for M.E. - And Using a Fitbit  Dec 2013

Some Grumbles of Mine:
I'm not just tired! March 2016
Work-Sick Divide? March 2016
What is ENOUGH? Aug 2015
Little Rant about "Positive Thinking"! Jan 2015
Cargo Cult Cures April 2015

Thoughts on Research articles:
When "auto-pilot" fails! (Re this paper on Gait Automaticity) Jan 2016

About Me:
About me & "Just ME" March 2016
The Use of Patient Blogs as a Care Resource
(My video presentation at Queens University Belfast) Sept 2015
The Me that Used to Be May 2014
Are You Tired Sally? Dec 2013

Relating to PACE Trial "fear avoidance" paper Jan 2015:
Newry & Mourne Group receive Expert Statement from Dr Jonathan Kerr Feb 2015
Prof. VanNess on recent press reports Jan 2015
Dr William Weir rejects "exercise phobia" in ME! Jan 2015
Tom Kindlon puts PACE in its place! Jan 2015

Some other posts of interest:
Dr Mark VanNess in Northern Ireland! Feb 2014
Pacing and Unpredictable Events Sept 2014
Thoughts on Travel and ME Mar 2014
Greg Crowhurst - Short-listed for Nurse of the Year! March 2015

ME Awareness Day & #May12BlogBomb:
My post for 2017: Why? Just Why? May 2017
#May12BlogBomb Link List for 2017 May 2017
#May12BlogBomb Link List for 2016 May 2016
#May12BlogBomb Link List for 2015 May 2015
#May12BlogBomb Link List for 2014 May 2014

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